See it Say it Phonics Readers

The reading books follow the Letters and Sounds Programme  which forms the National Curriculum for reading in England and Wales. Learning one letter /sound correspondence per book, children work through the books building on their knowledge of letters and sounds. In book 1, children learn the 's' sound represented by the letter 's' at the start and in the middle of words. children read along with an adult, saying each red 's' that they see.

Colour coded letters help children to progress step by step

Book two introduces the letter 'a', 'A' and its corresponding short vowel sound. In book two, the new sound is in red and the already learned 's' sound is in blue. Children now read both sounds as they work through the book with an adult. The word 'as' is introduced as and shown on a 'word card' to indicate that the sounds should be blended together to read the whole word.

By book 4, children are able to read a small number of words, as indicated by the word cards. The new sound is in red, whilst sounds already learned are in blue. Children build their reading sound by sound throughout the series of books.

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